Improving your business function and affecting change.

Our Business Optimization Services provide practical solutions for clients going through business change or improvement initiatives. We focus on the root cause analysis of the business issue, collaboratively develop a solution incorporating the client culture to improve efficiencies, productivity, and performance.


Project management makes or breaks the success of so many corporate initiatives.  We believe working collaboratively with our clients to create an effective plan that delivers the benefits related to quality, cost, and time is imperative to drive overall project value.   

Our experience in driving finance and accounting functional projects whether it be an industry specific transformation project, a software evaluation and acquisition, an integration project or even a Sarbanes-Oxley compliance project, the critical success factor is excellence in communication. 


Turbulent times drive both new business norms and regulatory compliance.  Companies are having to re-assess business processes to meet standards and drive efficient productivity with adequate controls.  

As companies move through change in their organizations, rapid process evaluation, integration, and improvement are vital Our process transformation methodology entails workflow evaluation, cultural viability, and performance management through data analytics.  All with a practical look at design and execution that fits your culture and drives the change and adoption that ensures business performance improvement. 


One of the most important projects a company partakes upon is system selection and successful implementation. Companies capital expenditure and time spent on these type projects can be exorbitant and is the backbone to successful operations and reporting.  

So, it is imperative that companies weather this change with functional experience that can drive the project from requirements definition, software selection, and implementation planning that includes change management, future state process planning, workflow optimization, and user adoption. 


Agile companies drive business performance improvement through business process automation and process optimization.  Leaders are challenged to successfully manage these critical initiatives and still accomplish everyday business requirements without disruption.  Jefferson Wells consulting teams assist management in both maintaining current functions and executing their automation objectives.    

  • Process automation and optimization teams assess automation opportunities, document current processes, redesign and optimize processes, and project manage process and automation change.   
  • Data cleanup, migration, and reconciliation are identified and managed concurrently.  
  • Simultaneously Jefferson Wells experienced consultants manage day to day operations.  

Jefferson Wells’ approach allows the flexibility for our clients to implement at the appropriate pace to achieve their goals and objectives. 


One of the most exciting and disruptive times for an organization is transforming their business through a merger or acquisition.  Economic growth, competitive advantage, and improved distribution are all core business reasons for mergers and acquisition; yet it’s the integration implementation that drives the business results.  

 Jefferson Wells helps companies reduce integration risks and ensure success with experience and practical advice on best practices, process integration, risk mitigation, technical accounting, and financial management.  

Post implementation reviews drive workflow optimization, risk mitigation, user improvements, and even cost recoveries. 


Advancements in technology over the last 20 years now provide companies with massive amounts of data about all aspects of their business. However, this data can be overwhelming and leaves companies trying to figure out what data to use, combine, ignore, and modify to provide useful metrics to help leaders make informed decisions.

We help our clients inspect, clean, transform, and model data with the goal of:

  • highlighting useful information
  • suggesting conclusions
  • supporting decision making

We use analytic techniques and tools to examine volumes of data in support of:

  • audits
  • special investigations
  • financial insights
  • automation and process optimization projects
  • operational support 

Data analytics has become an invaluable tool for organizations to assess, improve, adapt, and grow their businesses.  All our practice areas utilize our data analytics team when necessary to bring subject matter expertise on our clients desired platforms.