Success Story_Gray Diamond - Business Issue
Business Issue

Though this client had an extensive enterprise information security program and team, they lacked a methodology for proactively managing cyber risk across enterprise IT. They wanted to establish a self-assessment methodology that would address their global requirements and demonstrate effective governance of their unique information risks to their internal and external stakeholders.

Success Story_Orange Diamond - Solution

Jefferson Wells assisted in developing a common set of measures for managing cyber risk. Using a tailored version of our governance assessment methodology, leveraging recognized standards including NIST, COBIT, and ITIL, we evaluated the policies, processes, and controls needed to proactively address risks.  Our delivery included a roadmap of pragmatic actions and suggested improvements that were leveraged to improve security governance and reduce overall organizational risk

Success Story_Green Diamond - Results

By shining a light on the problem, Jefferson Wells exposed a significant number of gaps and opportunities for improvement in areas including:

network security
data privacy
cyber resiliency, and
incident management.

By identifying improvement opportunities and program changes needed to reduce cyber risk, the client was able to achieve the desired level of information protection.