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Consultant Resources

Expertise matters. When you need engineering talent, you need more than the discipline – you need someone with the background in your industry, your processes, and proven experience in making projects successful. Manpower Engineering is the answer. 

Consultant Resources
Integrated Services

Integrated Services

When you need a trusted partner for your key deliverables, our integrated services team goes to work for you. From staffing a team of skilled engineering and scientific talent, to outcome-based solutions, Manpower Engineering leverages our expertise in talent selection, team building, and performance management to deliver on your key project milestones. Critical projects require collaboration and our approach to integrating with our client teams will optimize efficiency in meeting milestones and deadlines.

Direct Hire

For the right talent for your team, you need dedicated direct hire consultants focused on attracting and placing top engineering and scientific professionals. Manpower Engineering recruiters are subject matter experts who proactively build relationships with passive, employed professionals to then assess their skills and attract them to new opportunities with our clients.

Direct Hire

Engineering Industry Expertise

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Our Steps to Success

We Ask & Listen

What workforce challenges give you heartburn? What are your KPIs? What’s your culture like? What are your upcoming staffing needs? Our years of experience means we know the right questions to ask. And the more we know, the faster you achieve your goals.

We Get To Work

Next, we deliver results. The key to delivering results is attracting better talent, hiring the right people, and making sure the best people stay. The key to our success is having the best recruiters, constantly upskilling our workforce, and using our data to make better hiring decisions for you.

We Solve

Now, the fun part. Using what we learned, we recommend the best course of action to help you achieve your goals. Through our deep knowledge of your industry and business, paired with intelligent data and processes, we will optimize the total cost of your workforce.

We Get Better

We are always learning, looking for ways to get better. We perform an ongoing Workforce Review with you, leveraging our market insight, our thought leadership, and our performance to fine tune our approach. And over time, we build strong partnerships with you and your team, ensuring that we can meet whatever opportunity or challenge stands before you.

Solar Farm Construction & Maintenance Talent

An American manufacturer of solar panels and provider of utility scale PV power plants was struggling to identify talent to help them with the construction and maintenance of their solar farms located in some of the most remote areas throughout Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California. The company was finding it difficult to not only identify the experienced talent needed, but also to retain them. The cost to identify, train, and employ became a sincere issue as their own recruiting team found themselves constantly sourcing the same talent, preventing them from focusing on other pressing opportunities needing to be filled as well.

LI-Portrait-Of-Female-Engineer (1)

Skilled Placements for Diesel Engine Company

Skilled workers drive the assembly line for one diesel engine company but finding employees with the right skills for the engine block assembly work was an ongoing challenge. The company’s fluctuating workload compounded its difficulty in maintaining a skilled workforce.

Aircraft Engine Overhaul & Upgrade

A international aerospace engine manufacturer won a 5-year defense contract to overhaul and upgrade aircraft engines and documentation and very quickly needed engineering technical and support staff that they could bring on quickly and then convert to FTE’s as needed to accommodate the additional workload


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