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Oil & Gas and Petrochemical

Whether filling up your car at the pump or unraveling plastic food wrapping, our lives are impacted everyday by the production, distribution and manufacturing of petroleum based products. Manpower Engineering has been providing engineering and chemical professionals supporting upstream, midstream and downstream production for over 50 years. From the offshore drill rigs, to tankers crossing our world’s oceans, to the control rooms our professionals have been supporting our clients ensure the global supply of crucial raw materials that drive our economy.

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The types of roles we fill

  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Petroleum Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Process Safety 
  • Plant Optimization 
  • Project Management/Engineering 
  • Pipeline/Pipeline Integrity 
  • Reliability Engineering 
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Process Engineering 
  • Mechanical Integrity 
  • Reliability and Maintenance 
  • Process Safety 
  • Project Management/Engineering 
  • Operations Management 
  • Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering 

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Customer Stories

See how companies, like you, are successfully managing industry challenges.


Refinery Project

A global energy and safety company needed to ramp up quickly to complete a 15-month project spanning 5 refineries and 3,000 panel boxes. They needed to hire engineers and technical talent to assist with the completion of the project, which consisted of programming, FAT and SAT testing. In addition, they were seeking a partner who could manage the professionals, invoicing, onsite items, on/off boarding and provide equipment.

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Electric Vehicle Engineering and Leadership Talent

A start-up manufacturer in the growing Electric Vehicle industry received significant funding and was about to experience significant growth. They set a very aggressive timetable to launch their new vehicle to the external market and needed to quickly hire a large number of experienced Engineering/ Leadership talent with Electric Vehicle and Automotive expertise. It was imperative to partner with a firm that could assemble a large team of recruiters, understood the Electric Vehicle/Automotive industry, and could intimately understand and communicate their company’s business model and key differentiators.

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Chemical Manufacturer Key Leadership Roles

A large chemical manufacturer needed to fill several key leadership roles across multiple sites due to a mix of voluntary and involuntary changes. The opportunities included a mix of traditional and confidential searches. Based on their products and processes, our client required talent with the right technical education and chemical industry experience. Due to the location of their facilities, our client knew they would need to consider relocating candidates from other markets.

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