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Global initiatives to minimize climate impacts and decrease reliance on fossil fuels continue to drive more demand for specialized expertise with an emphasis on upskilling and transitioning engineering talent to adapt to new energy generation technologies. Manpower Engineering is directly addressing the challenges of climate change. While science and economic demand are guiding the technology, nothing happens without people. We provide talent to help our clients from project inception (design) to implementation (construction) to generation (production) to the end user (distribution). 

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The types of roles we fill

  • Solar Electrical Engineers  
  • Electrical Engineers  
  • Solar Technicians  
  • I&C Technicians  
  • Smart Grid Engineer
  • Construction Managers  
  • Project Managers  
  • Solar Lead Superintendents  
  • Transmission and Distribution Engineers and Technicians  

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Customer Stories

See how companies, like you, are successfully managing industry challenges.


Electric Vehicle Engineering and Leadership Talent

A start-up manufacturer in the growing Electric Vehicle industry received significant funding and was about to experience significant growth. They set a very aggressive timetable to launch their new vehicle to the external market and needed to quickly hire a large number of experienced Engineering/ Leadership talent with Electric Vehicle and Automotive expertise. It was imperative to partner with a firm that could assemble a large team of recruiters, understood the Electric Vehicle/Automotive industry, and could intimately understand and communicate their company’s business model and key differentiators.

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Solar Farm Construction & Maintenance Talent

An American manufacturer of solar panels and provider of utility scale PV power plants was struggling to identify talent to help them with the construction and maintenance of their solar farms located in some of the most remote areas throughout Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California. The company was  finding it difficult to not only identify the experienced talent needed, but also to retain them. The cost to identify, train, and employ became a sincere issue as their own recruiting team found themselves constantly sourcing the same talent, preventing them from focusing on other pressing opportunities needing to be filled as well.

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Global Energy Company Ramps Up 

A global energy and safety company needed to ramp up quickly to complete a 15-month project spanning 5 refineries and 3,000 panel boxes. They needed to hire engineers and technical talent to assist with the completion of the project, which consisted of programming, FAT and SAT testing. In addition, they were seeking a partner who could manage the professionals, invoicing, onsite items, on/off boarding and provide equipment.

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