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Solution Leadership & Insights

Learn how Manpower can help your organization through tailored industry solutions, unique workforce offerings, research findings, and upcoming events that address emerging trends in the world of work.

Industry Solutions

Enterprise Resilience and Business Continuity

Enterprise resilience requires ongoing readiness for addressing change and disruption, and quick adaptation when those challenges hit.  The best organizations weather crises and change by building that resilience into key capabilities and operations.  Our approach focuses on the talent strategies, internal continuity programs and key information exchanges that build a core of ready resilience to move forward.

Future Workforce Transformation

Are you trying to connect the evolution of roles and skills with changes in your industry and workforce?  We partner with organizations to prioritize internal and external drivers, define the next set of capability and role impacts, and outline the strategic roadmap to drive your workforce transformation.


Strategic Workforce Insights

Need to bring your team up to speed on today’s critical workforce trends? Looking to add outside objective expertise and facilitated guidance to your teams as you work through your talent planning, transformation strategy, or workforce roadmap?  We accelerate your efforts with targeted insights and add to your capabilities through workshops, advisory services, and expert speakers on workforce topics including:


  • Changes in the world of work
    • Industry specific future trends
    • Human-technical horizons
  • Role and skill evolution
    • Modernized and emerging core skills and capabilities
    • Role and job design
  • Digital transformation and cultures of innovation
  • Building core resiliency capabilities and programs
  • Talent as a sustainable resource


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Talent Pulse

Our expert insight on critical, timely workforce issues that matter to you

Employability Solutions

Insights & Engagements


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