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An Agile Workforce is Humanly Possible.

We help organizations nationwide develop and maintain agility in their workforce to respond to changing business demands, market fluctuations and keep pace as the future of work evolves.


Success Profiles

A Success Profile tells a compelling story about role evolutions with deep descriptions of a role, its value, its activities, its competency profiles and much more.

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career pathways

Career Pathways

Career Pathways paint a portrait of the multiple paths available to candidates with specific backgrounds or skill sets.

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Employability Programs

In a world where exact-fit talent is rarely an option, employers must get more creative in identifying the talent that would, with some training, be a fit. Helping individuals be successful requires supporting their transition to a new career path.

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Recruiting Personas

A recruiting persona is a lightly fictional profile that puts a face on your recruiting efforts by identifying representative skillsets, personality traits, and work preferences of your target worker.

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Employer Value Proposition

In a highly competitive talent market in which job candidates are increasingly selective, it is essential that you craft a clear and connected employer value proposition (EVP).

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Institute for Workforce Innovation

Manufacturers, industry and trade associations, innovators and organizations all across the manufacturing ecosystem need insights, applied research and thought leadership from experts.

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Workforce Insights

We're workforce geeks and proud of it.
Explore our latest research and guidance for employers.

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Embracing Sustainability, Achieving Resilience: A...

Our webinar on shades of green manufacturing introduced our company-wide research initiative for 2021-22 —...
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Sustainable Manufacturing: Understand the Past,...

Predicting the future is always easier once it’s here. these words were likely never actually spoken by a famous...
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Powering Sustainable Manufacturing: Three...

As a systems biologist and biomimicry expert by training, and a workforce strategist with many years of experience in...
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