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Engineering & Scientific

Engineers & Scientists plan, program, design, construct, operate and maintain systems and processes that drive companies and the economy forward. Across all industries Manpower Engineering delivers specialist engineers, technicians, and scientists that power the world of work.

  • Mechanical Engineers & Technicians                    
  • Electrical Engineers & Technicians
  • Structural Engineers & Technicians
  • Quality Engineers & Technicians
  • Civil Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers


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  • Chemists & Bio-chemists
  • Instrumentation & Control Engineers & Technicians
  • Process Engineers and Technicians
  • Embedded System Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Facility Engineers

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Customer Stories

See how companies, like you, are successfully managing industry challenges.


Aircraft Engine Overhaul & Upgrade

A international aerospace engine manufacturer won a 5-year defense contract to overhaul and upgrade aircraft engines and documentation and very quickly needed engineering technical and support staff that they could bring on quickly and then convert to FTE’s as needed to accommodate the additional workload

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Solar Farm Construction & Maintenance Talent

An American manufacturer of solar panels and provider of utility scale PV power plants was struggling to identify talent to help them with the construction and maintenance of their solar farms located in some of the most remote areas throughout Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California. The company was  finding it difficult to not only identify the experienced talent needed, but also to retain them. The cost to identify, train, and employ became a sincere issue as their own recruiting team found themselves constantly sourcing the same talent, preventing them from focusing on other pressing opportunities needing to be filled as well.

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Skilled Placements for Diesel Engine Company

Skilled workers drive the assembly line for one diesel engine company but finding employees with the right skills for the engine block assembly work was an ongoing challenge. The company’s fluctuating workload compounded its difficulty in maintaining a skilled workforce.

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Workforce Insights

Explore our latest news, research and expertise

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