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Facility Engineering

Facility Engineering

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Data Center Sector

The Critical Facilities Engineer (CFE) is accountable for design, modification, operating parameters, maintenance programs, operational/maintenance procedures, efficiency, and effectiveness of the facilities systems assigned. Additionally, responsible for operational analysis and reporting related to assigned facility systems. The CFE can be assigned as a project manager over small facility related projects

Skill Specialties

  • Design and modification of facility systems within area of expertise.
  • Provide operational parameters, maintenance tasks and periodicities, and best practices for facility systems assigned.
  • Provides analysis of operational data to monitor efficiency and effectiveness of assigned systems. Develops, trends, and analyzes various facility metrics (KPIs, spares usage, system costs, etc.)
  • Provides procedures for operation, maintenance, and upset conditions of assigned systems.
  • Project management over facilities projects as assigned.
  • Assists in the training of facilities personnel on their assigned systems.
  • Develops business case studies and cost proposals, as required
  • Provides oversight of facilities systems or equipment procurement process and tracking

Manufacturing Sector

The Critical Facilities Engineer (CFE) ensures that routine facility utility processes are carried out in the safest, most time-efficient and cost-effective way possible. The CFE achieves this through review and modification of existing processes, as well as design and implementation of new procedures or improvements. They may also have budgetary responsibilities and duties around optimizing operational efficiency. The CFE may also be involved in the development of new facilities, planning and implementing the facility infrastructure and utility systems.

Skill Specialties

  • Organizational skills – the daily tasks can be extremely diverse. Some may be monitoring and reviewing routine plant operations, some may require project management of new initiatives, and some may require input at the very start of facility development. Prioritization, budgetary responsibilities, and time management are all key
  • Leadership or Management experience – a facilities engineer may have to manage a team of technicians
  • Attention to detail – in general, the aim is to maximize efficiency and maintain safety standards. This requires the ability to notice the smallest of areas where improvements could be made
  • Critical thinking – may have to troubleshoot problems within the plant and be able to consider a range of potential fixes or improvements, before deciding on the most appropriate one
  • Communication skills – interaction with colleagues across the facility will generally be required, as well as routine reporting to management. Written and verbal communication skills are both extremely important
  • Calm under pressure – needs to be able to make well-informed and considered decisions in times of extreme pressure, could be a key decision maker in emergency or time-critical situations




Banking Sector

The Critical Facilities Engineer performs regular maintenance and repair on all systems, including monitoring and troubleshooting systems as problems arise. Duties require an understanding of safe work practices, which are set by OSHA. You must have skills and experience related to working with building information systems and coordinating with IT to improve the systems. Building backup systems and following LEED practices are also part of the job.

Skill Specialties

  • Practical application of engineering skills in area of study and experience. Must be able to design and implement changes in a strict critical environment.
  • Project management on a small or medium size project basis
  • Troubleshooting and forensic analysis of facilities systems
  • Understanding and implementation of Reliability Centered Maintenance programs or equivalent.
  • Data analysis into useful and valuable information tailored to client and operational needs.
  • Customer relationship building
  • Understanding and implementation of risk mitigation processes
  • Understanding the development, trending, and analysis of engineering and financial metrics.


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