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Top CIOs Reveal 4 Critical Things You Must Know About Your Talent Strategy in the New Way of Working

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From mobilizing a suddenly remote workforce to establishing new ways to lead and attract top talent, CIOs are being charged with providing solutions to immediate, business-critical issues that can be scaled to meet the needs of a re-imagined workforce long term.

Experis’ Cesiah Kessler called on Michael Brady, CIO of USAA, Edward Contreras, CISO of Frost Bank, and Kim Fahey, CIO of Collegis Education, to pull back the curtain on the most critical talent priorities of CIOs today. In The Future of IT: Voice of the CIO webinar, they discussed the changing role and responsibilities of CIO/CISOs in the New Next, how access to borderless talent is meeting specialized needs, impacts to talent strategies for emerging skills and their favorite collaboration tools and predictions for the future.

Many tech leaders agree that there is no going back to the old way of doing business. Our panel of experts offered the following pieces of insight as you approach your own talent strategy and bring new ideas back to your organization. Listen to the full The Future of IT: Voice of the CIO webinar for more.

The CIO/CISO role looks different in the c-suite mix today. In 2020, the conversation shifted from technology to enable remote working to tech that fuels future transformation of the business. CIOs/CISOs need to understand and identify which areas are being challenged under this new normal and need new leadership and collaborative skills to lead the change.

Borderless talent is a double-edged sword. Fahey says the ability to tap top talent without the barriers of physical location is a huge benefit to organizations, but on the flip side, this now requires extra diligence in employee retention as they too now have the opportunity to pursue positions with companies across state lines without relocating. Meaningful work and strong culture are more important than ever.

Identify emerging skills and talent that make remote work easier. Contreras sees a need for talent with experience in bots, machine-learning - anything that can help automate manual, paper-pushing processes so human skills and strengths can be focused on the most meaningful and impactful activities is critical to enabling a virtual workforce.

Don’t overthink it. Whether that be how to deploy equipment, recruit talent or shift strategy - Brady said the key to staying nimble is to act quickly. The ability to look at data in real time and react immediately offers businesses and customers the solutions they need at speed and will set companies apart.

Voice of the CIO is part of Experis’ six-part webinar series, The Future of IT, which features panel discussions with tech industry experts. Other webinar topics include the Gig Economy, Security in the New World, Virtual Reality, AI/Talent Strategy and Digital Transformation.

For tech talent and solutions, Experis can help.

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