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Every year, the Everest Group research firm performs its PEAK Matrix® Assessment to evaluate U.S.-based contingent staffing providers’ market success, vision, and delivery capabilities. This year’s assessment reviewed...


7 min read

New Variant, Same Story?

Omicron is impacting your workforce. Here’s how to navigate the latest wave. If you prefer, you can download the PDF of this Talent Pulse Briefing. Download The current situation is very fluid This more contagious...
11 min read

How To Build Your Federal Vaccine Mandate Workforce Strategy

If you prefer, you can download the PDF of this Talent Pulse Briefing. Download A new federal mandate will require COVID-19 vaccinations and/or regular testing in the very near future. The time to plan is now. Creating...
6 min read

Predicting the Talent Pipeline: As expanded benefits conclude, will workers rush to come back?

The U.S. workforce is still plagued with uncertainty as the pandemic ebbs and flows and expanded benefits are set to expire in September 2021 for many U.S. states. At ManpowerGroup, we ground our point of view from our...
8 min read

Determining the Right Workforce Mix in a Talent Shortage

To say a lot has happened in the last 18 months is an understatement. A global pandemic, accelerated automation, social crises — they’ve all impacted the workforce in different ways and complicated employers’...
6 min read

Embracing Sustainability, Achieving Resilience: A Conversation

Our webinar on Shades of Green Manufacturing introduced our company-wide research initiative for 2021-22 — sustainability — and its many implications for the future of jobs. There has been much discussion on how...
5 min read

Sustainable Manufacturing: Understand the Past, Prepare for the Future

Predicting the future is always easier once it’s here. These words were likely never actually spoken by a famous philosopher, but we all know it’s true – especially when it comes to predicting specific jobs, their...
7 min read

Powering Sustainable Manufacturing: Three Strategic Insights and Workforce Trends

As a systems biologist and biomimicry expert by training, and a workforce strategist with many years of experience in manufacturing, I am fascinated by the evolution of systems. In manufacturing, the evolution of...
4 min read

Major Shifts on the Horizon That Manufacturers Need To Plan for Today

I co-hosted Manpower’s webinar “Automation in America 2.0” with George Kelly, Senior Vice President, Manpower U.S. Markets. We shared insights into why the reshaping of the manufacturing landscape is accelerating and...
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