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7 Characteristics of a Great Staffing Partner

Michael Stull
May 18, 2021 12:42:23 PM

My official title may be Senior Vice President of Manpower North America, but my unofficial title is staffing relationship coach. While I’ve seen more than my share of mismatched staffing firm relationships, one of my true passions is empowering leaders like yourself to choose the best staffing partner for them. A mismatched staffing partner can lead to poor communication, disconnected staff, onboarding delays, high turnover rates and ultimately a higher workforce cost

If you're struggling with these challenges, it may be time for a change. But first, knowing the characteristics of a great staffing partner can help you make the best choice for your organization.

Local presence. A staffing partner that is present and invested in your local market can often mean deeper talent pools and the ability to attract and deliver more targeted candidates. At Manpower, we invest in the local communities we serve; with hundreds of offices nationwide, we're local and we know your market.

Customized solutions. In a changing workforce climate, you’re likely to have changing needs. Whether that means offering hybrid or remote work arrangements or staffing up to fulfill project needs, our omni-channel delivery approach means we can scale local, onsite, virtual, or a combination of delivery teams based on your unique needs. And we have the flexibility to shift up and down on demand.

Getting openings filled. Did you know that since the pandemic began there are 25% fewer candidates in the job market, and that 25% of candidates actually ghost a job once they’ve been hired? We work to get you the talent you need as soon as we possibly can. Even in this unstable climate, 76% of our jobs are filled on time.

Low turnover. Due to instability in the job market, turnover rates are soaring. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the total annual separations rate in 2020 at 57.3%. No one needs to tell you how this impacts your budget and impedes your workflow. We recognize the importance of building close relationships with your workers, and preparing them properly for the job. Our current turnover rate is only 13%.

Respect for your bottom line. We can show you the total cost of your workforce and help you lower it. Our proprietary Total Cost of Workforce Calculator reveals the hidden and opportunity costs of maintaining your workforce: wages, talent acquisition and more. Then, we determine the best approach for solving your workforce challenges.

Action-driving insights. We not only mine data, we know what to do with it. Connecting with a staffing and workforce solutions partner that knows how to do both is critical. In order to win over your competition, you need to know how you stack up. We’ve created a Workforce Success Index that evaluates your work location against five criteria, including accessibility, competitive standing, contingent labor relationship, labor market conditions and work environment. It’s a great starting point for any relationship.

A commitment to continuous improvement. The most critical attribute for a stellar staffing partner is the ability to listen and learn — and have a proven methodology for your success. Continuous improvement is also very important. I cannot stress this part enough.

One way we ensure continuous progress and improvement is through regular client workforce review sessions. These regularly scheduled reviews give us a chance to review performance, explore opportunities to improve, and share emerging market insights to refine and strengthen our relationship with our clients.

You and your workers deserve a healthy, happy staffing relationship.
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