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While the manufacturing world is zooming full speed ahead, that doesn’t mean machines are taking over. Of the fastest growing manufacturing occupations, 5 out of 6 require a skillset that spans human and technology...


6 min read

What's with the technician shortage? (And what you can do about it)

I hear it in meetings and at industry conferences; with both our longstanding and new customers - there's a shortage of skilled technicians right now in manufacturing. More manufacturers are going digital at a wider...
6 min read

The Changing Face of Manufacturing: Why Skilled Technical Talent Is the Key to Growth and How to Win the Race for That Talent

Manufacturing has changed — and it continues to change — opening up new opportunities for the skilled technical talent that will power the modern manufacturing floor. Driving the speed and scope of manufacturing...
6 min read

How to Make Better Hires for Your Remote Call Center Jobs

Worker shortages continue to be pervasive across many industries. According to our 2021 Talent Shortage Survey, global talent shortages are at a 15-year high and more than 1 in 3 of U.S. employers report difficulty...
4 min read

The Education (R)evolution and Its Impact on Your HR Strategy

As a result of recent global health, economic and social crises, existing workforce trends are accelerating, driving digital transformation at an unprecedented scale. The digital transformation that virtually every...
3 min read

How to Boost Employee Motivation and Morale Through Learning

The massive supply chain disruptions felt during the pandemic illustrated the importance of logistics, and the massive shift toward online shopping has posed enormous distribution challenges that see little sign of...
6 min read

Superteams! Coming to a Workplace Near You

When most people hear the term “superteam,” they think of sports. Or maybe Marvel superheroes teaming up to save the world. But super teams have always been a part of everyday life. Think governments, markets,...
5 min read

Sustainable Manufacturing: Understand the Past, Prepare for the Future

Predicting the future is always easier once it’s here. These words were likely never actually spoken by a famous philosopher, but we all know it’s true – especially when it comes to predicting specific jobs, their...
3 min read

21 Trends for 2021 Explained

Tracking and predicting the trends that are impacting the future of work and the future for workers is the most exciting part of my role, and it’s never done – being curious, committed to learning new things and...
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