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Worker shortages continue to be pervasive across many industries. According to our 2021 Talent Shortage Survey, global talent shortages are at a 15-year high and more than 1 in 3 of U.S. employers report difficulty...


4 min read

How to Promote Healthy Engagement with Your Remote Call Center Staff

As more contact centers are implementing virtual workforces into their overall strategy to save money and remove geographical barriers to great talent, retention challenges are rising in an already high turnover...
3 min read

The Talent is the Key: Ways Call Center Leaders Can Attract Talent, Build Skills, and Reduce Turnover

Are you having difficulty filling your open call center roles and retaining your top talent? You’re not alone. Many call center leaders across the country are struggling with the same issues of attraction and retention...
4 min read

The 3 Questions You Absolutely Need To Ask Before You Hire a Call Center Staffing Firm

When you’re ready to engage with a staffing firm to support your call center, don’t forget to ask these three questions to ensure you’re getting the best staffing support possible from your workforce partner. #1 How do...
2 min read

How to Be the Best Call Center Leader for Your Remote Workforce

While COVID-19 accelerated the significant shift to remote work in 2020, many call center leaders were asking themselves how best to manage their new remote workforce. The fact is that we’re not expecting this shift to...
4 min read

Top 4 Challenges Call Centers Will Face in 2021 and What Employers Can Do

When we asked 8,700 employers about their hiring intentions, we learned that... • 59% of employers are planning to offer flexible work options for the long-term¹ • 20% offer the option to work remotely 100% of the time¹...
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