Adding value to your tax function.

Ever-changing tax laws, compliance issues, data gathering, and audit defense support are all part of our Jefferson Wells tax services.  We collaborate and partner with your tax team.  And by incorporating our highly experienced tax professionals into your tax functions, you leverage our strong foundation of high-quality, efficient and accurate day-to-day tax reporting and analysis into your business. 


In today’s economy, nearly every organization needs help sorting out state and local tax issues and finding ways to comply and minimize the impact of state and local tax liabilities. State and local laws are complicated and in-house resources may be limited or unfamiliar with the ins and outs of each jurisdiction’s reporting requirements.  

Our SALT Center of Expertise offers you access to focused, in-depth knowledge for specific processes, industries and technical issues.  

Our state and local tax experts will help you meet your sales & use, unclaimed property, business licensing, indirect tax automation, real and personal property tax reporting requirements.  In addition, we will identify opportunities for more effective and efficient compliance. 

Enhancing performance, lowering costs. Jefferson Wells tax professionals are well-armed for the quantitative work of tax compliance and reporting. Our specialists also address the qualitative side of the tax compliance process.  

Why does this matter? It helps you 

  • Build stronger audit response capabilities 
  • Improve performance through automation and process redesign 
  • Streamline or outsource recurring processes to free your organization to focus on bigger issues  

We can help you identify, assess and correct your most pressing operational issues and improvement opportunities within your tax operations. 


With our in-depth understanding of the income tax provision process, we help you navigate the highly challenging corporate tax accounting environment. Increased workloads expanded responsibilities and continuing demands for faster and better tax reporting drive tax departments to become more efficient and effective.  

Not only has regulatory and investor scrutiny been heightened, but the corporate governance landscape and the marketplace are also undergoing rapid change. This raises the stakes for corporate tax departments. Jefferson Wells’ flexible model allows for preparation and review of quarterly and annual tax provision and accounting footnotes. 


Companies are challenged with unique tax issues whether it be driving efficiency within their department processes, needing audit defense supportor specialty skills in section 382 studies and employee retention tax credit. 

Jefferson Wells approaches each engagement with a whatever-it-takes perspective gained from years of working in partnership with thousands of mid- to large-sized organizations. Our objective is to resolve the tax issues a company is struggling with, provide an objective review of the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your existing processes, and leave a much stronger organization behind.  

Because we are not a public accounting firm and do not perform attestation work, we can provide tax services that maintain a clear separation from your external auditor's attestation.