Success Story_Gray Diamond - Business Issue
Business Issue

With the interest rate declines during the COVID-19 pandemic, mortgage loan processing volume significantly increased and our large Financial Services client needed help keeping up. Our client hadn’t previously used consulting services in this area before, but we were able to quickly come in to provide support services in the way of mortgage loan processors, underwriters, and closers.

Success Story_Orange Diamond - Solution

With our variable workforce model, Jefferson Wells adapted to meet the ever changing needs of our client from week to week, and helped ease their mindset of a remote work model. Our integrated services provided a collaborated approach to standing up a large team to meet the client need.  Our ongoing support team evolved and the client took some of our consultants permanently, growing their talent and giving our consultants new career challenges. 

Success Story_Green Diamond - Results

Due to the quick turnaround of supplying our client with the right resources at the right time, they were able to process and close more mortgage loans, ultimately impacting the banks bottom line.   In addition they were able to upgrade their talent with a new permanent team.