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5 of the Most In-Demand IT Jobs in Today’s World

  • February 16, 2021
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  • IT
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As companies race to adopt more digital ways of doing business, it has become more crucial than ever to attract the best – and right – talent.

That’s great news for anyone seeking a career (or career change) in technology, but it presents challenges for the companies themselves. As the demand for IT and Tech skills continue to rise, talent will increasingly become the differentiator. Companies are challenged with attracting and retaining highly sought-after skilled people in for some of the most in-demand jobs on the market.

From security professionals to business intelligence analysts, these are the top skill areas clients are staffing for and how an expert IT staffing solutions company can help.

5 of the Most In-Demand IT Jobs in Today’s World

The IT world is full of careers with purpose – the right talent can make or break a business. From skillsets that are hard to find to borderless talent that can go where the business does, we focus on attracting the best and brightest skilled workforce.

Here are the five in-demand IT jobs that employers are eager to fill.

1. Security Professionals

As digital infrastructure become ubiquitous in business, so too do security threats. Security professionals – from network specialists to business continuity experts – have no shortage of opportunities for careers.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, cybersecurity occupations are growing by an astounding 31 percent per year. In particular demand are professionals with cloud security experience, who know how to build secure and scalable digital infrastructure.

2. Administrators

Administrative positions of all types will remain among the most in-demand IT jobs of 2021 and beyond. As companies bring more services and operations online, they’ll need a savvy professional behind the scenes keeping it all together.

Database and network administrators represent the most in-demand skillsets, but more specialized roles have begun to evolve. CompTIA notes the evolution of the cloud systems administrator in the past two years and identifies it as a growing specialty in the IT world.

3. Infrastructure Architects

Having modern infrastructure is critical to both operations and data security, but companies know that “modern” means more than simply well-functioning internet in the office.

IT infrastructure is driving a phenomenal 35 percent growth in the global public cloud infrastructure market through 2021. Many companies are scrambling to add cloud architects and similar infrastructural professionals to the ranks.

4. Developers

Developers have long been a staple of the IT world and they will remain so. In fact, we’ve seen steady growth in computer science-related fields.

In 2021, we expect software developers and DevOps engineers to represent some of the most in-demand IT jobs out there. Professionals well-versed in cloud-native architecture and automation are particularly desirable.

5. Data and Business Intelligence Analysts

Data science careers have flourished throughout the last decade, yet consistently represent some of the hardest positions to fill. They often require unique skillsets that are difficult to find, a challenge that is compounded by the speed at which the industry is evolving.

Business intelligence analysts are some of the most sought-after data science professionals in the field. As more businesses harness data, they need astute experts who can help guide them to make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Get the Right Talent Right Now with Experis

Digital technology has come to play a tremendous role in business, yet companies still struggle to source the IT talent they need. We’ve covered five areas where the most in-demand IT jobs currently exist.

To help our clients meet their IT talent needs in these areas, we continue to add to our teams with business development managers and recruiters who maintain specialization in industry as well as skill alignment. From cybersecurity to business intelligence, we’re ready to find the talent that our clients need to move their organization forward and thrive. As an IT solutions company, we’re excited to be expanding our team to support our clients as well as to invest in them to develop their career with purpose. The investments we’re making in hiring the best and brightest means that our clients gain the expertise and support they need so solve their problems faster, with a trusted partner who always has a finger on the pulse of the changing tech world.

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