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America’s Hottest Jobs: How you can get in on the Skilled Technical Revolution

Rebekah Kowalski
Oct 10, 2022 9:03:03 AM

While the manufacturing world is zooming full speed ahead, that doesn’t mean machines are taking over. Of the fastest growing manufacturing occupations, 5 out of 6 require a skillset that spans human and technology aspects.

That means the future of manufacturing will absolutely require human skills—but not the skills of yesterday. The ability to work with technology is essential. That’s why skilled technical jobs are the hottest segment of the manufacturing workforce.

What are Skilled Technical jobs?

These are jobs that require a higher level of technical knowledge, but not necessarily a post-secondary degree. We’re talking roles like: 

  • Maintenance technician 
  • Quality technician 
  • Manufacturing technician 
  • Automation technician 
  • Engineering technician 

If this is you, you may already be experiencing the kind of benefits technician roles like these can offer, such as competitive pay and opportunities to advance in your career. If great pay and advancement sounds good to you, now is the time to get trained. 

How can you train for these roles?   

In just a few months, you could be in a new job you love, making significantly more money and living your best life. Start by getting the training you need to qualify for these kinds of higher pay roles.

Companies are willing to invest in you with the hopes that you’ll then apply those newly gained skills in a job at that same company. It’s a win-win situation because the employer is able to train people in the skills and technologies they require while individuals gain incredibly valuable skills that help them advance their career, moving up to a higher paying job. The key is finding the best fit program for you. 

The Manpower Acceleration Program features coursework specifically designed to prepare you for skilled technical roles. In partnership with Tooling U-SME, eligible Manpower Associates have access to a manufacturing upskilling program that offers: 

  • Several different advanced manufacturing pathways to choose from
  • Online classes 
  • Ability to move through the content at your own pace. (suggested time commitment of 4-6 hours per week with programs varying between 4 and 14 weeks)
  • Admission is on a rolling basis and classes start every Friday 

Here are examples of how your career can progress, the acceleration programs we offer, and what new jobs you may then qualify for: 

Career Pathways Image

Start as a general labor position and get certified as a manufacturing associate, then trained as a quality technician, maintenance technician, or engineering technician.  If you’re already a maintenance technician, we will help you get the training you need to level-up into an electrician technician, robotics technician or even Fluid Systems Technician. You get the idea. When you work for Manpower, you get access to training at no cost to you, to help you get to the next step in your career.

Explore jobs that fit your lifestyle 

Skilled technicians are highly sought after – now is the time to work the way you want! When we asked workers about what they want most, 92% said flexibility at work is important to them. That means flexibility in how and when you work. People want more work/life balance than possibly ever before. Have you considered the different work styles when looking for your next technician job? 

Choose what best fits your lifestyle:    

Temporary – You are hired as a Manpower Associate and we match you with jobs and companies that are the right fit for you. Assignments are typically shorter, for a defined period of time, offering optimal flexibility in how you want to work, and allowing you to achieve the work/life balance you want in order to enjoy your other interests. 

Temp to Perm – This is another way to try out a company’s culture with an avenue to a permanent opportunity. Typically, the temporary role is slated for a certain time period, followed by the potential to be hired on permanently. It can be a great way to get your foot in the door at a company you admire, prove yourself, and possibly land a permanent role if it’s the right fit for both you and the employer.   

Permanent – We connect you with the best fit jobs at employers that are looking to hire you directly on their team. Permanent jobs can offer longer term stability with a single employer with a more predictable work schedule.

Ready to get started? If you’re not already working with Manpower, start by searching current job openings in your area at

While on the website, visit “Career Resources” to learn about Manpower Acceleration Programs and detailed descriptions of each role including average rates of pay and how many courses are required for certification. 

When you complete one of these certification programs, your Manpower recruiter or Talent Agent can help you seek new opportunities in the manufacturing field by identifying available roles and actively promoting you to manufacturing employers.

Elevate your career and be a part of the exciting future of manufacturing. 

Know someone who would make a great technician? Check out our referrals program!



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