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Posts from Rebekah kowalski


While the manufacturing world is zooming full speed ahead, that doesn’t mean machines are taking over. Of the fastest growing manufacturing occupations, 5 out of 6 require a skillset that spans human and technology...


6 min read

What's with the technician shortage? (And what you can do about it)

I hear it in meetings and at industry conferences; with both our longstanding and new customers - there's a shortage of skilled technicians right now in manufacturing. More manufacturers are going digital at a wider...
6 min read

The Changing Face of Manufacturing: Why Skilled Technical Talent Is the Key to Growth and How to Win the Race for That Talent

Manufacturing has changed — and it continues to change — opening up new opportunities for the skilled technical talent that will power the modern manufacturing floor. Driving the speed and scope of manufacturing...
6 min read

Embracing Sustainability, Achieving Resilience: A Conversation

Our webinar on Shades of Green Manufacturing introduced our company-wide research initiative for 2021-22 — sustainability — and its many implications for the future of jobs. There has been much discussion on how...
4 min read

Major Shifts on the Horizon That Manufacturers Need To Plan for Today

I co-hosted Manpower’s webinar “Automation in America 2.0” with George Kelly, Senior Vice President, Manpower U.S. Markets. We shared insights into why the reshaping of the manufacturing landscape is accelerating and...
3 min read

Getting to the Heart of Safety

If there is one thing we have learned in the last year, it is the ever-increasing need to focus on and invest in health and safety. As a world leader in innovative workforce solutions, ManpowerGroup has over 70 years of...
4 min read

Top 5 trends in advanced manufacturing leaders need to consider this year

The global health, economic and social crisis is driving digital transformation at an unprecedented scale. Organizations need to develop resilience by retooling their workforce and making their people, processes, and...
7 min read

Quality’s Bright and Bold Future: The Next Horizon of the Quality Workforce

Quality is a critical function in most organizations and, as my colleague Tony Del Preto pointed out in his blog it will be even more critical going forward. The question remains, though, what is the future of quality...
2 min read

Manufacturing: What's Now and Next

Happy Manufacturing Month! Welcome to the first edition of MANUFACTURING: What's Now and Next! We created this monthly newsletter in response to the many requests we have had for regular access to Manpower’s research...
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