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Partnership Perspective: Manufacturing Industry

Rebekah Kowalski
Oct 2, 2020 9:12:28 AM

Hear from our Partners at MxD:

Manufacturing has always been at the center of digital transformation, and the pandemic has not only underscored the important role that automation and technology plays in worker safety, efficiency, and business continuity, but also stressed the need to do it as quickly as possible in order to reopen factories safely and to protect from future disruption.

Understanding the future workforce needed to support an organization during the digital transformation journey has never been more important. In partnership with ManpowerGroup, we developed an extensive workforce analysis of the digital manufacturing roles and skills of the future as a guide for manufacturing organizations. The full report – focusing on manufacturing trends driving transformation, roles, and skills of the future, and how effective leadership and an innovation mindset are critical to success as companies transform – is available for free download here.

Now, with the manufacturing industry’s transformation well underway, we were very excited to partner again with ManpowerGroup to focus on the future of cybersecurity roles and skillsets within manufacturing. The pandemic has transformed how we will work moving forward, relying on remote work, remote learning, and a greater reliance on emerging technologies to work as safely and efficiently as possible. While these emerging technologies bring immense benefit to organizations and workers alike, they also open the door to new vulnerabilities. We recently released our research in The Hiring Guide: Cybersecurity in Manufacturing, a ground-breaking guide to help U.S. manufacturers build the workforce they need to protect the industry from growing cyber threats.

The Hiring Guide is available for free download at

Lizabeth Stuck
Director, MxD Learn

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