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Quality is a critical function in most organizations and, as my colleague Tony Del Preto pointed out in his blog it will be even more critical going forward. The question remains, though, what is the future of quality...


2 min read

How to Be the Best Call Center Leader for Your Remote Workforce

While COVID-19 accelerated the significant shift to remote work in 2020, many call center leaders were asking themselves how best to manage their new remote workforce. The fact is that we’re not expecting this shift to...
4 min read

Top 4 Challenges Call Centers Will Face in 2021 and What Employers Can Do

When we asked 8,700 employers about their hiring intentions, we learned that... • 59% of employers are planning to offer flexible work options for the long-term¹ • 20% offer the option to work remotely 100% of the time¹...
4 min read

The State of Work

The State of Work: What We've Learned, What's New, and What's Ahead in 2021 Register to Watch Here Presenters: • Michael Stull, Senior Vice President, Manpower North America • Mark Toth, Chief Legal and Public Affairs...
5 min read

The New Era of Quality: 5 Critical Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Quality Team

As someone who has focused on Engineering and Manufacturing exclusively for the last 20 years, I cannot think of a time when Quality has had a more central role – not just for organizations who have been focused on...
3 min read

Veterans Find Meaningful Careers in Manufacturing

This November, we want to celebrate, recognize, and honor those who currently serve and who have served our great nation on this Veterans Day. Thank you all for your courage, dedication, and hard work. Also, thank you...
4 min read

A Closer Look at Green Jobs in Manufacturing

With the more recent conversation about a “new” Green Jobs economy, we miss that in so many ways, “Green Jobs” are already here – especially in Manufacturing. At the very least, Manufacturing for better or worse has...
4 min read

Cracking the Code: How to Successfully Recruit and Retain Women in the Manufacturing Sector

October is Manufacturing Month in the US. This year, it comes in the midst of a global pandemic which has upended the labor market in a way that has disproportionally impacted women. Consider the following from our...
4 min read

Employees Know What They Want. This is How Employers May Respond.

Recently, ManpowerGroup surveyed 8,000+ people in 8 countries to gain more insight into what they are feeling about work these days. Some of the feedback was somewhat expected, while other responses were a bit of a...
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