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In recent years we’ve seen a shift in people’s attitudes toward work. Where work was once thought to define who we are and how we fit in the world, work now needs to “work” for our whole lives.  So, what do we really...


10 min read

How to Get Your Ex (Employee) Back - Plus, Ways to Make it Last This Time

It happens time and time again: the person you thought you knew—the one who made a commitment to your organization—changes their mind and walks out the door. Seemingly out of the blue. In the last year or so, this trend...
12 min read

Inflation Strikes! What's my labor strategy now?

With uncertainty around wages, worker supply and the demand for products and services against a backdrop of rising prices, employers are asking, “What’s my labor strategy now?” If you prefer, you can download the PDF of...
7 min read

New Variant, Same Story?

Omicron is impacting your workforce. Here’s how to navigate the latest wave. If you prefer, you can download the PDF of this Talent Pulse Briefing. Download The current situation is very fluid This more contagious...
4 min read

Employees Know What They Want. This is How Employers May Respond.

Recently, ManpowerGroup surveyed 8,000+ people in 8 countries to gain more insight into what they are feeling about work these days. Some of the feedback was somewhat expected, while other responses were a bit of a...
7 min read

Creative Thinking Required: Business Success Could Depend on How You Support Employees and Families Right Now

Uncertain times create unexpected problems. That could be the tagline for 2020 along with about a thousand other possibilities. As the COVID-19 pandemic has put virtually every person and every company to the test, one...
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