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Women in Manufacturing Leadership Webinar Series

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For our 4th annual Women in Manufacturing Leadership event, we moved from an in-person, Milwaukee-based event to a fully virtually national event, bringing even more powerful voices to the table in the form of a 4-part series.

The event series highlighted timely, critical topics each week during Manufacturing Month in October, including Cybersecurity in the Manufacturing Enterprise, How to Recruit, Retain, and Grow Women in Manufacturing, Green Manufacturing Jobs, and the Manufacturing Culture of Inclusion. Below, you can peruse key insights from each webinar in the series, along with links to view each recording on demand, read related blog posts, and explore additional resources.

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Part 1: Securing the Manufacturing Enterprise: A Fireside Chat with Chandra Brown & Trish Gyorey
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Cybersecurity in the manufacturing enterprise has never been more important. It’s crucial to both US security and the security of organizations’ product lifecycle and supply chains, and its criticality has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic as bad actors take advantage of increased vulnerabilities.

Part 2: How to Recruit, Retain, and Grow Women in Manufacturing and Technology
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A closer look at future-focused research and how organizations need to plan for recruiting, retaining, and growing women in manufacturing and technology roles.

Part 3: Go for Green: Embracing Speed to Automation to Lessen Manufacturers' Environmental Impact
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Digital technologies make many things possible. Just at the time that a number of organizations are seeking to make manufacturing more ‘green’, these technologies are advancing and making more possible in this space. The ‘greening’ of manufacturing shows up in interesting ways and opens up new horizons in roles and skills. That means that there will be more job creation, mixing conventional roles with roles we never dreamed of.

Part 4: Women Welcome to Succeed Here: Manufacturing a Culture of Inclusion
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COVID-19 has brought women into the spotlight again, with many jobs that women occupy being disproportionally impacted. Manufacturing has an opportunity to be clear that women are wanted, welcome, and have a path to ongoing career growth and success. The next horizons for manufacturing are more digital, requiring talent to help drive automation, AR/VR strategies, and mitigate cyber risk. This in turn opens up new pathways for talent, including more on-ramps into higher paying, future-proofed jobs. But how can the Manufacturing sector convince women to make their career here?

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