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Mission-Oriented Acquisition and Reporting
ManpowerGroup Public Sector

Open Source Intelligence Solutions

Operational Intelligence for Dynamic Missions

MGPS specializes in solving our clients’ diverse linguistic, technical and data management challenges created by the dramatic rise in the volume, variety and complexity of open source data. We have a proven track record of developing innovative, effective data acquisition, mining and reporting solutions to meet evolving mission requirements, timelines, and priorities.

We employ advanced technologies and exploitation expertise, human language technology, human-machine hybrid solutions, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to deliver robust, carefully curated data to support mission-critical decision-making. We excel at enhancing technologies to automate data acquisition and multilingual content processing.

Mission Oriented Acquisition & Reporting ImageData Exploitation

MGPS specializes in designing robust and adaptable data processing workflows that empower our data exploitation analysts with the right technology and tools to monitor, collect, assess, screen, process, enrich, and deliver a full range of actionable intelligence at mission speed.

Our extensive capabilities to customize acquisition, collection, and processing methodologies to align with highly specialized customer requirements enable flexible, enriched data reporting capabilities.

Data Collection and Structuring

MGPS performs global open source-focused development, collection, research, translation, synthesis, and reporting. We focus on the collection and processing of structured / unstructured communications in support of agencies across the Intelligence Community (IC), the Department of Defense (DoD), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well as a wide range of other intelligence and national security entities at the federal, state and local level.

We iteratively refine workflows to meet complex client requirements and specialize in developing and implementing prototype projects, models and approaches using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to test tools and workflows before live deployment.

Tailored Approach to Mission Requirements

MGPS has consistently demonstrated its ability to pivot to meet changing requirements by adding capabilities, adapting processes, and proposing and implementing innovative technologies.

The company’s size and resources make it possible for MGPS to deliver a unique range of customized capabilities, services and solutions, including significant depth of expertise and coverage to execute open source data acquisition and delivery missions. We have the experience and expertise to proactively anticipate evolving changes in mission requirements, delivering cost-effective solutions in environments with rapidly shifting priorities, challenging timelines and limited budgets.

Because of MGPS' capability, we changed our mind about what is possible.

Intelligence Community

MGPS performs above industry standards

Law Enforcement Agency

The Government submits some of the most complex assignments to MGPS and MGPS returns the highest quality of product with ease.

Law Enforcement Agency

If an urgent item comes up, their response time is very quick. MGPS grasps prioritization and adapts accordingly.

Law Enforcement Agency

It is clear MGPS values the Government as a customer because of their willingness to accommodate a wide variety of projects.

Law Enforcement Agency

I am so grateful for you and your rockstar team.

Commercial Customer

You’ve done an absolutely fantastic job managing this project!

Commercial Customer

Thank you so much for delivering everything even before on-time! Thank you again for all your support and partnership every time we do these projects. :)

Commercial Customer

You have exceeded our expectations. Thank you for being such a fantastic partner on this assignment and all year.

Commercial Customer

This is a delightful relationship (easiest one I have!)

Commercial Customer

“MGPS’ track record offers us proven technical capabilities” …they are “expert nutcrackers, able to crack any nut.”

Intelligence Community

I just wanted to take a minute to brag about your resource. He is one of the best linguists I've ever worked with.

Law Enforcement Agency

First off thank you for all of your support this week, you guys did a fantastic job.

DoD System Integrator

Once again, you turned in a spectacular performance, and we truly appreciate your company's contribution to our mission.


Really outstanding work. As always. Thank you.

Intelligence Community

Your selection is simply brilliant. Thank you so much for this incredible work. A sincere tip o' the hat to you.

Intelligence Community

-- just a note to say thank for keeping up the high quality of this product. It really hits the mark. Very important stuff. Thank you and have a great weekend, all!

Intelligence Community

This product met with widespread joy. I suspect it will be one of our most important products over the coming days or weeks. Please accept my heartiest congratulations.

Intelligence Community

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