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2023 is the Year of You: Upskill Your Way to Success

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Many of us feel that 2020 and 2021 belonged to COVID. And 2022 was about making up for lost time. So, let’s welcome 2023—the Year of You!  

There has been a seismic shift in the way we feel about work over the last three years. Our new report, The New Human Age, is solid proof: 81% of workers surveyed say that the pandemic has changed the way they feel about work. People want a healthy work/life balance, flexibility, purpose, meaningful work, and growth opportunities. And we are finding that people are seeking fulfillment, not just advancement with 57% of employees already pursuing training outside of work.  

This is the year to invest in you.  Learn, train and level-up your career. Upskilling is self-care, an investment in your continued worth, and an opportunity to grow your capabilities and career in a way that can lead to more opportunity and increased pay.  Give your resume, and your future job prospects, a boost by learning a new skill this year!

Why you should invest in yourself

The short answer is, because you deserve it. Whether you work on the factory floor or corporate HQ, in front of a computer or on a forklift, investing in your own development is:

Self-care. Just like taking up a new hobby or volunteer opportunity, learning new skills can bring you even more satisfaction and joy in life.  
An investment in your continued worth. Adding skills to your resume makes you more attractive both to current and future employers 
A chance to grow your capabilities. You may open up pathways to opportunities you may never have thought about, bringing the possibilities of:
      ⁃ Increased pay
      ⁃ Leadership opportunities
      ⁃ A path to a more meaningful career

Upskilling is both good for your soul and good for your future job prospects. According to a Forbes magazine article, 50% of the current workforce will need reskilling by 2025. And according to our research, 75% of companies are struggling to find the skilled talent they need right now. 

If your employer offers opportunities like college tuition reimbursement, training or free online courses, take them up on it! Or attend a conference or seminar that’s in line with your development goals. Carve out the time, make the commitment and invest in your own learning. 

Manpower Associates have access to our MyPath program, a collection of resources designed to help you further your career. Eligible Associates qualify for no-cost college tuition, a GED program, accelerated training and online skill-based training. And MyPath also offers career coaching, skills assessments and new job opportunities that help our Associates level-up, gain more experience and increase their pay. 

Don’t overlook the importance of soft skills  

Soft skills are things like problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration. While not as straightforward to learn as some hard skills may be, it is absolutely possible to improve your skills in these areas. And it is worthwhile too -- our research shows that these skills are very much in demand and critical to landing your next job.   

Employers reported the most sought-after soft skills include: 

Reliability & self-discipline 

Resilience and adaptability 
Reasoning and problem-solving 
Creativity and originality 
Critical thinking and analysis

Start developing your soft skills by first identifying the soft skills you feel you have, and those you need to work on improving. To help with that: 

Consider taking a skills assessments available on our website to see where you are 
Read this article from Indeed for some great advice

Pulling it all together

It’s your time to shine! Follow these steps to set and achieve your learning goals:

Set a goal. The first step to achieving your goals is setting them! It may feel simple, but can be so often overlooked. What is it that you want to accomplish this year? Learn one new skill, get a promotion, earn your degree – your goal can be as modest or as ambitious as you like. If your goal is a big one, it's best to break it into mini-goals or milestones so you’ll be able to see your progress along the way.  

Make a plan to achieve your goal. Build your plan around important milestones and treat them as seriously as you do work milestones. If you’ve decided to learn a new skill, identify the right training program or courses to take, enroll, and make adjustments to your schedule as needed to make time for it.  

Celebrate your success. Don’t miss the best part – the celebration! Make it a point to reflect and celebrate important accomplishments along the way. Landing the job of your dreams, completion of an upskilling course, or just an interview that gives you valuable practice – it’s all worthy of celebration! Buy yourself a little gift or gadget you’ve had your eye on, treating yourself to pampering, or simply sharing your special accomplishment with your social networks and letting the accolades and praise fill your proverbial bucket.  

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Don’t miss this very important step of including your newly gained skills, education, certifications and completed courses on your resume and LinkedIn profile. It speaks volumes to employers when they see you have committed to your own growth by setting out to gain new skills and education and accomplishing your goals. And be sure to reach out to your career partner and/or manager to share your achievement and initiate a career conversation about your goals.

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