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Legal Translation & Interpretation Services

Serving federal law enforcement agencies and the commercial legal community for approximately three decades, MGPS provides expert legal and technical translation, transcription, and interpreting services, including expert witnesses, for federal, state and commercial customers. We deliver accurate translations of contracts, agreements, subcontracts, non-disclosures, joint ventures, human resource policies, statements of claim, prospectuses, patents, testimonies, warranties, notices, evidentiary materials, and other types of legal documents in over 200 languages, including for classified or law enforcement sensitive matters. Often working under stringent deadlines for court cases and pending litigation, MGPS is relied upon by its customers for timely and accurate translations for critical legal matters.

Experience Summaries

Law Enforcement Agencies

MGPS supports law enforcement agencies by providing language services, such as court-certified interpretation, triage of large volumes of evidence, third-party review of translations performed by other vendors, editing, and proofreading of previously translated documents, and transcription and translation of audio and video recordings, including wire intercepts. Translated documents span diverse content types, including legal codes; statutes and regulations; correspondence with and invitations to foreign government officials; extradition request packages; testimonies; evidence for war crimes tribunals; technical information and data; surveillance reports; and evidentiary materials for investigations and court cases.

National Security Violations Cases

  • We provided specialized Mandarin and Cantonese linguists with financial and economic expertise to process over 3 terabytes of data evidentiary materials for a high-profile case in California that ultimately resulted in the indictment and arrest of two individuals for national security violations. 
  • We provided a cleared Tibetan linguist who worked over several years translating a variety of evidentiary materials that facilitated the arrest and indictment of a NY Police Officer and a Staff Sergeant in the Army Reserve who had been actively assisting the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) in long term espionage scheme.

Money Laundering Case

  • Reviewed over 30,000 pages of source material in multiple languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, French, and others) under an aggressive timeline to meet litigation deadlines. Linguists also reviewed content and performed tagging in the customer’s database.

Largest Healthcare Fraud Case in U.S. History

  • Translated evidentiary materials for the largest single Medicare fraud case in U.S. history. Charges were brought against 44 members of an alleged Armenian-American organized crime syndicate. The operations covered 118 medical clinics in 25 states and over $100 million dollars in bogus Medicare claims. 

Individual Investor Fraud Case

  • We conducted a review of source material related to an international wire fraud matter, identified relevant case information, transcribed nearly 575 hours of audio transcription, and translated evidence totaling more than 460,000 words from Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish into English. Charges were ultimately brought against 20 defendants, including the CEO who was found guilty of orchestrating the scheme and was sentenced to over 20 years of imprisonment and ordered to pay millions in restitution.
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