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Federal Agency Case Studies for Open Source Intelligence Solutions


Global Collection and Reporting for Security Missions 

Problem: Our customer needed to acquire data from around the globe to provide timely warnings of possible acts of violence and/or mass casualty events. The desired information was not readily available through conventional social media outlets. 

Solution: MGPS’ specialized team of technical, linguistic, and subject matter experts integrated commercially available tools with custom-developed utilities to collect open source data, including images, individual personas, and identifiers of bad actors and malicious intent. Our enhanced collection methods yielded hundreds of relevant hits. The team enriched the collected data to enhance reporting for our customer’s analysis. MGPS also implemented an end-to-end automated translation solution that streamlined global data processing. We integrated human linguists in this workflow design to generate reliable quality, while ensuring the speed of information delivery. 

Impact: MGPS’ methodologies enabled the customer to receive data that helped inform and advance its mission to address violence and extremist groups around the world.  

Geospatial Data Collection and Structuring 

Problem: Our customer’s content management system housed valuable imagery data that was not easily searchable and was missing key meta data needed for streamlined research and actionable reporting. 

Solution: MGPS worked closely with the customer to design a new, user-friendly photo database to meet their research needs. MGPS’ team of native-speaking subject matter experts applied advanced research skills to identify, collect, validate, and enrich relevant images and associated geospatial data. They collected over 87,000 images in four years, performed research to tag and enrich the data, and continue to collect new images and their associated metadata daily. The collection effort targeted specialized facilities and installations, persons, and other objects of interest to our customer.  The new database supports multilingual information retrieval, optimized querying, and auto-generated reports of translated and transliterated data, including geotagging. The database houses over 60,000 records containing 87,000 images and is one of the largest collections of its kind.  

Impact: As the central repository for the photos and associated metadata for this region, MGPS’ database is a one-stop-shop for our customer to exploit and analyze the imagery data for intelligence. 

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