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Do you need a compliant solution to hire talent overseas in support of U.S. government contracts?

ManpowerGroup Public Sector (MGPS) brings 15 years of experience providing personnel solutions Outside of the Continental U.S. (OCONUS) for U.S. government contracts. We offer deep capabilities in sourcing, recruiting, and hiring local talent in international markets to deliver qualified people to fulfill contract needs in diverse skill sets, ranging from Information Technology, Language Services and Engineering to Administrative Personnel.

MGPS OCONUS personnel solutions make it possible to deliver locally — and federally — compliant staffing solutions, while eliminating the learning curve and risk associated with attempting to directly hire or deploy talent globally. Whether you need a few resources in various countries, or a large number of personnel who must be sourced, hired and managed, MGPS provides flexible solutions.

Navigating overseas labor laws and employer regulations can be daunting. U.S. companies must take care to validate local employment regulations and customs, while complying with U.S. government contract provisions in a cost-realistic but competitive manner. MGPS offers its customers proven experience with regional knowledge of local practices and regulations to navigate evolving labor laws in overseas markets.

We help our customers identify and manage potential risks, including severance laws, tax laws, benefits and other payment regulations, visa issues for third-country nationals and other vital details.

ManpowerGroup offers a global footprint with nearly 4,000 offices in more than 80 countries. Whether you have specific resources you need to hire, or need a turnkey recruiting solution for in-country talent, MGPS offers a flexible approach to sourcing, recruiting and hiring OCONUS personnel through our U.S.-based, federally compliant subsidiary. MGPS provides U.S. government contractors a single point of contact, as well as consolidated reporting, when hiring OCONUS personnel in multiple countries.

In addition to hiring local talent, we bring experience deploying U.S. expatriates overseas to support classified contracts. We assist with personnel relocation, support and logistics.


Project Summaries

MGPS transitioned and hired 144 local nationals in 41 countries throughout the EUCOM, CENTCOM and SOUTHCOM AORs for global mission support in the intelligence community.

MGPS provided a custom solution to hire, payroll and manage local nationals in five countries for a large system integrator’s contract with the U.S. Department of Defense. We ensured that all U.S. DoD compliance requirements for subcontractors were satisfied.

MGPS is a subcontractor on a contract with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. We transitioned cleared U.S. expatriates who were incumbent resources in Peru and Thailand.

MGPS is a subcontractor on a U.S. Department of State contract providing a cleared resource in Singapore who provides IT help desk support throughout Asia in embassies.

As a named subcontractor for a large system integrator’s contract to the U.S. Department of State, MGPS sourced, screened, recruited and hired approximately 550 personnel in seven countries, and also coordinated U.S. government-mandated security checks and monthly reporting.

MGPS sourced and hired local Russian nationals to support the NASA space program with the Russian government. The resources provided technical training in Russian and English. We coordinated annual travel for personnel to U.S. locations.

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