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MGPS has been a long-time industry leader in technical translation. There is simply no substitute for subject-matter expertise when working at the leading edge of modern science and technology, especially in RD&E. We perform “quality-first” technical translation, interpretation, transcription, multilingual layout, and Human Language Technology (HLT) services in both classified and unclassified domains to support critical client missions across a range of federal and transnational government programs and agencies.

With a 30+ year record of performance, MGPS is among the premier providers of accurate, expert and precise technical translations and interpretation support. Our linguists have deep subject-matter expertise in physics, biology, chemistry, geology, and the earth sciences with special expertise in nuclear weapons and materials, aeronautical, biochemical, and bioweapons systems and technologies. We also have experience in computer hardware, software and systems engineering; quantum computing; blockchain technology, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, as well as chemical materials and integrated systems engineering.

Having translated hundreds of millions of words in 200+ languages for our federal clients over the last 30 years, MGPS has developed a best-practices-driven translation workflow and project management framework.

Our approach to technical translation is grounded in our firm dedication to using linguists who are not only skilled and trained in translation itself, but who have also been formally educated in the scientific or technical field of the translation. This guarantees that the translation reflects a level of scientific and technical accuracy and precision far beyond what a non-technical translator would be able to achieve.

MGPS also works at the leading edge of technology in translation production technologies – collectively referred to as Human-Language Technology (HLT) – a field that includes such applications as Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT), Post-Edited Machine Translation (PEMT), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). We are dedicated to the use of these and other HLT tools to accelerate output, homogenize terminology, and achieve considerable savings for our government clients.

Aerospace and Nuclear Arms Reduction MGPS supported the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program by translating highly complex technical documentation for the decommissioning and elimination of SS-25 ICBMs and their road-mobile launchers.

Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction and Emerging Threats Working in over 30 high and low-density languages, MGPS translated a wide array of documents and training materials covering critical and emerging global threats, including biological, bioterrorism, cybersecurity, maritime, medical, nuclear, rocket propulsion, and weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Nuclear Weapons Security Our expert linguists provided highly technical translations and transcriptions for the Material Protection, Control and Accounting Program (MPC&A), a program dedicating to improving the security of nuclear weapons and nuclear materiel.

Use of Advanced Audio Processing Tools to Complete a Major Multilingual Project for Federal Agency Client MGPS worked on a complex project for a federal agency involving the transcription and translation of audio and video files in Farsi, Arabic, French, and Russian. These materials covered multiple domains with a focus on topics with poor-quality source recordings. We employed advanced audio processing tools such as ELAN, which allowed for easy identification of specific languages based on the recording of breath groups. This powerful technology enabled us to process audio files that otherwise would have been unusable.

Exploitation of Russian Ministry of Defense Scientific Research Center Restricted-Distribution Study For a major project requiring translation of almost 800 pages of state-of-the-art scientific and technical analyses of research articles, MGPS utilized a team of five specialized technical SMEs to translate extremely advanced – and often uniquely specialized – technical subjects related to chemical weapons.

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