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To help you refocus and reframe your candidate search, we help develop future-focused, research-driven recruiting personas for your key roles that clarify the skills, traits, and aspirations needed to carry your team forward.

A recruiting persona is a lightly fictional profile that puts a face on your recruiting efforts by identifying representative skillsets, personality traits, and work preferences of workers who ideally could thrive in your critical roles. Recruiting personas can be broad or focused, applicable to an entire industry, a geographic region, or one specific role.

Our recruiting personas help you:

  • Better understand the talent you are targeting
  • Expand your target talent pools to related roles or unconventional backgrounds that could be a good fit for you
  • Design exclusive recruiting strategies
  • Focus your talent acquisition, development and retention efforts
  • Answer the question:
    • Where is the talent?
    • What are they interested in?
    • How are they wired?
    • What motivates them?
    • What will it take to get them to work for you?

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