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Engineering Direct Hire


Hire game-changing talent with straightforward Direct Hire solutions 

Working as an extension of your existing HR team, we leverage our extensive networks, our specific skillset and industry expertise, and our deep relationships with passive candidates to help our clients quickly identify and secure the high caliber Direct Hire talent they need to propel their business forward.

Why Manpower Engineering Direct Hire?

  • Dedicated team of Direct Hire Search Consultants
  • Nationwide coverage from Search Consultants with 250+ years of combined Direct Hire Search experience
  • Specialized delivery with specific industry and skillset focus
  • Multi-Channel Recruiting provides access to passive candidates not found through traditional recruiting sources.
  • Develop long term partnerships by intimately understanding our client's business and culture and successfully sharing their story with top talent
  • Religiously follow a rigorous and detailed search methodology

Let Manpower Engineering Direct Hire Help...

Secure hard-to-find-talent for critical roles

Finding that ideal fit both in terms of experience and personality is a challenge. Most candidates are considering multiple opportunities and are prone to counteroffers. We provide our clients with access to candidates that weren’t considering new opportunities until we share your opportunity. This gives our clients competitive advantage as they see high caliber talent that your competitors don’t have access to. More importantly this prevents our clients from losing out on top talent due to competing offers.

Augment internal recruiting resources

We support companies when their internal Human Resources team is responsible for all HR related tasks leaving little time to recruit passive talent. We also partner with Talent Acquisition to augment internal recruiting efforts by sharing talent you can compare with your own recruited candidates. If our candidate is stronger, you hire them and pay for our service. If not, you hire your candidate with the peace of mind that you hired the absolute best candidate.

Identify your next key leaders

When you hire Senior Leadership and Executive talent, it’s imperative that you invest more time evaluating candidates and hire an all-star that can take your organization to the next level. Manpower Engineering will identify candidates from both the local market and from outside the area. We’ll stick with the search as long as it takes to ensure you hire the right leader that will be a long-term contributor. Manpower Engineering has significant experience successfully placing executives, navigating searches requiring relocation, and expertly managing confidential searches.

Our Process


1.  Intimately Understand Your Business and Your Opportunity

2.  Multi-Channel Sourcing Strategy

3.  Detailed Candidate Qualification

4.  Manage Interview Process

5.  Offer & Acceptance

6.  Post Acceptance

We Understand You

Detailed discussion with hiring manager and HR to understand absolute and preferred qualifications, cultural fit, salary, and the key selling points of the company and the opportunity. This ensures we have a compelling story to share with candidates to get them excited about learning more and ensures any candidate we share will be someone you want to interview

Unrivaled Talent Pools

The magic question….where do our candidates come from? Through our specific skillset and industry focus we develop strong credibility in our professional networks leading to our Search Consultants routinely receiving referrals to highly recommended candidates not active in the job market.   These referrals in addition to the candidates we identify using social media, our extensive database with 6MM+ resumes, professional associations, user groups, and directly targeting candidates from related companies and competitors means our clients will see the absolute best talent vs. simply the easiest to find candidates.  Simply put, we give our clients access to candidates they won’t see through traditional recruiting channels.

Rigorous Qualification

Before presenting anyone, we have multiple transparent conversations with prospective candidates to understand their working knowledge, work history and how this opportunity aligns with their goals to ensure they are legitimately ready to consider a new opportunity. We have the tough conversations up front covering counteroffers along with any potential barriers to making a career change. We also conduct detailed reference checks for all candidates. We present our top candidates and provide our client with a detailed summary in addition to a resume including a summary of the candidate’s experience, salary expectations, and why the candidate is excited about the opportunity. This level of detail gives our clients the information they need to feel confident in moving forward.

Worry-Free Interview Process

We coordinate all interviews and conduct detailed discussions with candidates prior to and immediately following interviews. Prior to the interview we’re ensuring each party has a solid game plan that will allow for a productive discussion. Following the interview, we’re discussing their feedback, interest, questions, concerns, and yes counteroffer!   Each of these discussions include a list of 20+ questions designed to ensure we’re sharing detailed feedback and recommendations to our client. If there are questions/concerns on either side, we address them in real time vs. waiting until the end!

No Time Wasted

There’s nothing worse than investing weeks of time only to have a candidate decline your offer. Throughout the interview process, we constantly address compensation, counteroffer, personal dynamics, or any other barriers that could prevent the candidate from accepting your offer. Our Search Consultants ask the tough questions and because we build strong candidate relationships built on trust and transparency our candidates share important details with us that they may not be comfortable sharing with the client. Following the final interview, we again review compensation, our client’s benefit’s package, variable compensation, counteroffer, and ensure the candidate has no remaining questions or concerns. All this up front work and attention to detail leads to a seamless offer process that culminates with an accepted offer and an excited hiring manager and candidate.

Continued Partnership 

We don’t go away after the offer is accepted! We work closely with the candidate to help them navigate the challenging resignation process and the period between offer acceptance and start date. We also ensure an open line of communication between the hiring manager and their soon to be new hire. If a candidate is relocating, we help them with various steps of the relocation process to ensure a seamless and stress-free move.   Finally, after our candidate starts, we remain in close contact with both sides to ensure a successful onboarding experience.

Customized Direct Hire Search Solutions

Contingent Search

With Contingent Search, there is no financial commitment by the client until our candidate is hired.  A Manpower Engineering Search Consultant will work to identify candidates that meet your specific requirements, and the client can interview our candidates with no financial obligation.   Because of this, most clients choose contingent search for the first engagement. If we’re successful in identifying the candidate you hire, we’ll invoice you on the candidate’s first day of employment.

Priority Search

With Priority Search, our client’s opportunity takes PRIORITY over our contingency searches, and we will also engage additional recruiting resources to ensure a successful placement in less time. With Priority Search, the client also receives additional delivery and performance guarantees that are agreed upon prior to initiating the search. Priority Search is a great option for highly urgent, critical, or confidential searches where both speed and quality are equally important.

Retained Search

Retained Search represents the highest-level engagement between Manpower Engineering and a client. With retained search, our client pays a portion of the fee to initiate the search and an additional fee after three candidates are interviewed. The remainder of the fee is due at time of placement. For this financial commitment our client receives additional Search Consultants dedicated to their role, specific delivery and performance guarantees, and enhanced search reporting and analytics. Retained Searches are suited well for Executive level searches, niche roles with scarce talent, or searches that will require a longer and more detailed search cycle.

Managed Service

Managed Service is a Direct Hire search solution for clients with larger volume Direct Hire needs of 10+ positions. The client is charged a monthly fee along with a small fee for each individual placement. With Managed Service, Manpower Engineering will dedicate a Program Manager to managing the engagement internally and to act as a single point of contact for the client. In addition to the Program Manager, we develop a team of industry experienced Recruiters to focus solely on our client’s opportunities.   Managed Service drives better and quicker results at a reduced cost for higher volume Direct Hire needs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My contact at Manpower Engineering is a pleasure to work with. He has a strong understanding of the market and listens to what his clients are looking for in terms of candidates. He is also diligent in following up and ensuring lines of communication remain open throughout the process. They have helped us hire several critical Engineers and Plant Managers that have made an immediate impact.

HR Director
U.S. Manufacturer

The team at Manpower Engineering does an exemplary job as our recruiting partner. They exceed my expectations in every interaction. They know who we are as a business and understand our culture, and they use that to find the right fit in the candidates they submit to us every time.

Vice President of Human Resources
U.S. Manufacturer

I've worked with my contact at Manpower Engineering on a variety of hard to fill positions with great success. He takes the time to listen to our needs up front so he can zero in on appropriate candidate submittals. His follow up is one of his best qualities. He keeps our hiring on track and timely. I would certainly recommend Manpower Engineering as a business partner to any organization.

HR Manager
U.S. Manufacturer

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