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Work Ready

Specialized staffing services for organizations during a health crisis

When Safety is Your #1 Priority

Be sure your company is Work Ready

Now more than ever you must safeguard your most critical asset – your workforce. Manpower Work Ready staffing services deliver specialized help to strengthen your organization’s response and recovery during and after a health crisis.

Safely getting back to work in the new normal

We're setting the bar for Associate and Client safety measures

Enhanced Assessments and Protocols

We’re assessing our worksites through a new lens, including

  • Health Monitoring
  • Social Distancing
  • Protective Equipment
  • Sanitation
  • Case Management (when illness impacts workplace) 
  • Communication to our people

Ensuring Associate Safety

We’re also making sure our people have the confidence that we are putting their health first by

  • Enhancing our safety onboarding
  • Communicating clear instructions about monitoring their health
  • Increasing our health checks

Manpower Work Ready Services

From our commitment to setting the bar for new health and safety protocols at work, we're also delivering the staffing solutions needed for our clients to implement enhanced protocols. Specialized staffing for these roles is now available: 

  • Temperature Screener
  • Contact Tracer
  • Health Survey Collector
  • Sanitization Resources
The beginning of each new semester brings complexities in staffing, and we have come to rely on Manpower as a valued partner for each peak season. We recommend other colleges and universities explore the many benefits of Manpower’s services. 

Human Resources Director
Community College

Have a wonderful working relationship with my local Manpower office. The Manager works very hard for us and is always on top of all our needs. The staff have made a tremendous difference for our company during this pandemic and there are not enough ways to thank them.

A Manpower Client

Manpower Work Ready staffing solutions help you evaluate, manage and reduce risk


Health Survey Collector

Knowing more about the individuals entering your workplace has become critical to minimizing risk. We can provide Work Ready Associates to help keep your workplace safe.
  • Onsite or Virtual
  • Role-specific Training and Onboarding as Required
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Temperature Screeners

Confirming healthy body temperature levels across your workforce is a part of our new normal. Let us provide trained associates to administer this process and keep your workers safe.
  • Role-specific Training and Onboarding as Required
  • Proper PPE Usage
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Sanitization Resources

Work Environment cleanliness now serves as a crucial component of a safe workplace. Let us provide Work Ready Associates to help protect your organization.​
  • Role-specific Training and Onboarding as Required
  • Proper PPE Usage
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Contact Tracers

When exposure occurs, it is vital to quickly trace its path, collect data, then seek and notify individuals at risk, limiting the spread of contagions through fast action and early intervention. Let us supply associates for your Contact Tracer needs.
  • Onsite or Virtual
  • Specially Trained
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Protect your worksites and the people in them.

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