21 Trends for 2021 that are Transforming Talent and the Future of Work

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Existing trends are accelerating, driving digital transformation at an unprecedented scale as a result of the global health, economic and social crisis. Coupled with uncertainty and the emergence of new trends, organizations need to transform their workforces to ensure they have the skills and competencies needed to retain and retool for an uncertain future.

In this report, you’ll learn more about the trends that are shaping the workplace and workforce of the future, influenced by four major forces:

  • demographic shifts
  • rise of individual choice
  • growing client sophistication
  • technological revolution

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Trend #1: Skills Scarcity

Skills scarcity is accelerating due to the most significant workforce transformation since World War II. The global talent shortage is expected to result in 85m unfilled roles by 2030*. Tech and human skills will continue to grow in demand while admin, hospitality, and legal/business support jobs will decline. Individuals and organizations will need more and faster reskilling solutions. 

Trend #2: Growing Polarization Requires Companies to Stand Up and Speak Out

Increasing social tension and greater recognition of inequity, especially race, will call for more transparency from organizations around human capital, diversity and inclusion as key to recovery and growth. Employee and customer demands for companies to take a stand on social justice, climate change and other global issues, will continue to magnify where politicians have done too little. Policies will emerge to address social challenges and disclosures on race, gender and other Human Capital metrics as Stakeholder Capitalism picks up pace.

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Trend #3: Rapid Rise in Remote Work

Creating an on-demand workforce, hybrid work models and untethered work are all on the rise. Reducing real estate footprint, an increasing urban exodus, global mobility and creating job opportunities beyond borders will drive both employee and employer preferences. 43% of workers think the Covid-19 crisis marks the end of every day in the workplace.

Trend #4: Gender Gap Accelerating

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Get free instant access to this report by entering your information in the form on this page.